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At last...


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...2013 has been one crazy year.  At times it has tested both patience and resolve, personally and professionally.   However, as we head into the homestretch we are very excited to be able to check one major item off the 'to do' list - E-commerce is officially up and running! When Christine and I started this little venture with a "Hey, do you think maybe we should actually try to do this?" we had no idea what running a business entailed.  Our idea was to start small, selling to local shops and boutiques to try to control the growth of Splurge so that we wouldn't become overwhelmed.  Since we both have 'day jobs', opening ourselves up to sell directly through our own site seemed a bit daunting.  Dealing with shipping, maintaining our inventory...what if we were inundated and couldn't keep up?  Or worse, what if we weren't?  It seemed more manageable to leave the selling to the stores and focus on making our products. While we are and always will be eternally grateful to those independent shop owners who took a chance on us by adding a small unknown brand to their inventory, ultimately we realized that if we were really going to try and make something of Splurge in earnest we had to go all in by adding e-commerce to our site.  It was a long time coming  - This is what happens when your web designer is your brother and puts you behind his paying customers because you only pay him in beer - but at last the wait is over.  Let the shopping begin!