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Countdown to Spring (aka:The Really Big Sale)


It has been a long, cold winter here in Boston. I'll say that again...slowly...for emphasis...a LONG, COLD winter. Mother Nature sucker punched us this year with roughly 8 feet of snow, and followed that up with week after week of below zero temperatures, simply because she could. You know, in case there were any among us who weren't sufficiently humbled by the magnitude of her power. But just when we thought we could take no more, March arrived with all the promise of a new season, of a renewal, the promise of SPRING. We are so very READY (grateful/thankful/can-we-get-an-amen-level-of-ready) to shed our winter skin. Fortunately, we have just the thing to do it, our cult favorite body scrub, The Rub. If you've never tried it, allow me to break it down for you as to why it's so fantastic. We created our original product, The Rub, to meet our own high standards because we couldn't find anything out there that checked all our boxes. It had to be the right level of "gritty"- not too harsh on our skin, but not too wimpy to do the job. It had to leave our skin feeling soft, but we also didn't want to be left feeling greasy. We wanted all that in a product that didn't contain any bad for us chemicals. And since we couldn't find it anywhere, we decided to make it ourselves. Spoiler alert: We nailed it. And then we started selling it. That was 5 years ago this March (Happy Anniversary to us!), and we've come a long way since then. We've been humbled and appreciative to earn the respect and praise of some top names in the beauty business, and of our devoted customers. But after 5 years we are ready for a little makeover - a fresh new look for this fresh new spring season.

You may have seen a few pictures of our new labels and packaging (we love!), but before they make their big(ger- hint, hint) debut, we decided that a little spring cleaning was in order to clear out the old and prepare for the new. As part of our Countdown to Spring/5 Year Anniversary Sale, ALL jars of The Rub in our original packaging will be marked 50% off  (YES, 50% off!!!) to clear our shelves for our new packaging. At only $13.00 per jar down from $26.00, this is a sale not to be missed! If you've been wanting to try The Rub or just stock up, now is most definitely the time to do it! No codes or coupons needed, just visit our website to purchase our products. But don't wait too long because this March Madness won't last forever...Spring, she is a-coming!