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Nothing makes our day more than a happy customer! Some customer praise from those who have Splurged:

"When I first tried the lip balms I was convinced I needed no other.  Later I got the chance to try the repair balm and it is the most amazing lip product I could ever wish for.  I almost gave up most of my lipsticks because of how they felt on the lips.  Thanks to the repair balm, I can wear all of them now.  It makes all lipsticks feel amazing on! It is my most favorite lip product.  Thank you for making such an amazing product!!!"

-Olga K.

"I received the Lip Buttah & The Rub body scrub for Christmas and I absolutely love both of them! My skin and lips have never felt bettah! Thanks so much girls!!"

-Liz M.

"So happy with how my skin feels after using The Rub!"

-Patty M.

"Love these all natural products. The Melted Buttah not only works wonders on my lips, but I have also used it on my cracked hands! Multifaceted and not greasy (and the scent is great too!)."

-Debbie H.

"Amazing, healthy products!  So great that you're local to me!"

-Maryann G.

"I cannot say enough about the Splurge products. I have used all of them, most recently, the Melted Buttah. I just love it. I love The Rubs because after using them, my skin feels rejuvenated. I don't like lipsticks, but I love the Tinted Buttah because it gives my lips that little something they need and the Melted Buttah, what can I say...just love it!!"

-Dawn P.

"Splurge has the best body scrubs! My favorite is peppermint -- a clean, relaxing scent. Highly recommend their products!"

-Kim T.

"My lips would like to thank you for the Melted Buttah!"

-Lisa T.

"I just used my lemonade body scrub! It's not just an exfoliator, but a moisturizer too! It's very revitalizing! My skin feels so soft and I smell delicious!!!"

-Linda P.

"I love love love love the Lemon Body Rub, it smells heavenly and makes my skin feel so clean and soft. I just finished the tub of it and now I'm going to start the Peppermint one I'm so excited. Also the tinted Lip Buttah is really great if you only want a little color."

-Alysha K.

"Love opening up a jar of The Rub from Splurge - the fragrances put your mind in a relaxing, familiar state. The Rubs make your skin smooth and you feel rejuvenated after using. Splurge Lemon Lip Buttah is one of my favorites.  The Lip Buttah glides on and keeps my lips moist without that greasy/glossy feeling.  I keep a tube of Lip Buttah at work, in my purse,  at home, and coat pocket.  Can't wait to see what new products Splurge will be introducing next."

-Marie K.

"I use lip balm all the time and I've tried them all--Body Shop, Softlips, Burt's Bees, Vaseline, Rosebud Salve--you name it. Lip Buttah is the best. It lasts, it feels smooth without feeling waxy or greasy, and the "flavors" aren't too overwhelming. My daughter loves it too, and I feel good knowing I'm not letting her put nasty chemicals on her lips."

- Liz W.

"Lip Buttah is by far the best lip product I have ever used! It leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft. Once you try Lip Buttah you will never go back! I love the cube! It is just the right size, and it leaves your skin feeling so rejuvenated!"

- Suzanne C.

"I have tried both the lip balm and the scrub. I love them! The scrub has such a nice texture and leaves your skin feeling so soft and clean. The lip balm is the best I've used. It goes on really smoothly and is long-lasting on your lips. The scents are terrific. I will definitely be getting more from Splurge!"

- Molly M.

"I have tried many scrubs for my skin and the Splurge skincare products are the best ! The cubes exfoliate and leave my skin feeling silky and smooth all day! They aren't oily like many others out there. The orange chocolate smells so heavenly! I can smell it on my skin hours later. I also use the Lip Buttah and it is the only product that doesn't dry out my lips. I would recommend these products 100%. I also love that they are all natural, huge plus! Thank you, splurge!"

- Jean B.

"This rub is spectacular! It's not greasy and your skin just glows! My favorite Lip Buttah is the orange chocolate. It leaves just a hint of shine and smells so good I want to eat it!"

- Peggy A.

"My favorite splurge product is the "Holiday" sugar scrub. I use it year-round to exfoliate and moisturize my skin. It is especially useful in the winter but is great in the summer as well. When I use Splurge's sugar scrub I don't have to use regular moisturizer. And the best part is that it doesn't leave my skin with an oily residue. It nourishes quickly and evenly. I love it."

- Laura R.

"I am a huge fan of the Splurge products. I have used all three of the Lip Buttahs and the peppermint and almond scrubs. I love them all. I found that the Lip Buttah lasts and leaves your lips their natural color; and the scrubs leave your skin moist, not oily. Also love the fact that their all natural. I would recommend these products to anyone who wants to splurge on themselves."

- Dawn P.

"I tried Splurge's scrub and actually ended up trying all of their products because of the scrub. These products are "GOOD STUFF", but what really got me started was the scrub. I have always had dry skin, so I am constantly having to put lotion on which can sometimes be a pain. I tried this scrub to see if it might help, with me always itching throughout the day. My only concern was that I didn't want to have something greasy which would drive me nuts. I decided to try this stuff one morning and that was it. When I came out of the shower, my skin felt so soft and hydrated, I didn' t even think about lotion. It's hard to explain but my skin was soft and moist, but didn't feel greasy. That night my skin felt almost the same as it did when I got out of the shower 12 hours earlier. I now use it every day. Thank you so much for such a wonderful (all natural) product. Keep it coming. By the way, your lip product is awesome too."

- John C.

"After using different lip moisturizers without satisfaction, I've finally found Splurge Lip Buttah! It lasts and makes my lips feel soft and moist without feeling greasy or sticky. I'm now a satisfied customer"

- Jean B.

"Splurge Skincare products, what a find. I have been using these products for a few months now and truly love the way it exfoliates and softens my skin. The peppermint rub is a favorite. The scent is so fresh! So fresh that when I use it during my evening shower, it actually helps me sleep. Relaxing, refreshing and therapeutic, Splurge Skincare Products. Three times a week a true "Splurge!"

- Mary Jo S.

"I was so excited when Splurge Skincare introduced the lemon body rub. Lemon is one of my favorite scents and the rub is made with all natural ingredients-I had to give it a try! Not only did my skin smell fresh, it was soft and smooth!!"

- Gail C.